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Brilliant stilt walkers, jugglers, roving acts, human statues, balloon modellers and circus workshops for your event. High quality costumes, professional artists, amazing performances for any event

Wonderful acts for themed events including Christmas, Sports, Nature, Medieval, Victorian, Venetian, Colours, and other themes.

We create and perform all our own acts. All costumes are of the highest quality and the performers we use are trained and insured

If you have a special event or promotion we can create bespoke acts for you. Please contact us for more details

Phoenix Carnival Stilt Walker


Stilt Walkers, Jugglers, Balloon Modellers, Human Statues, Roving Acts, Roller Skaters, Workshops

Amazing selection of high quality acts to entertain at any event. Stunning costumes, professional performers combine to create the very best acts available.

Stilt Walking Beefeaters


Circus, Carnival, Christmas, Sports, Nature, Nations, Medieval, Victorian, Maquerade, Halloween, Celebration, Colours, Fictional

Brilliant themed acts for your event. Wide range of themes, high quality acts performed by professional artists

Ice Giant Stilt Walker


Creating bespoke acts for your special event

We can create bespoke acts for your special event. Whether it is a promotion, an award ceremony, a different theme we can create high quality acts to enhance your unique event



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